Micoblog Monday – I Had to Call CPS


Yesterday I was walking through the dining room when I saw a small child in my front yard trying to play with my humming bird feeder. I ran outside and he started to run for the road but once I motioned to pick him up he came running into my arms.

He was probably about 2. He had no shoes, and no shirt on, and a full diaper with shorts on. It has been around 90 degrees in our area and I assume the road he had to run across to even get to our house was extremely hot.

I have seen this child, along with a few others running around a lot across the street. Our once quiet and normal across the street neighbors started renting their house to their daughter who has adults and children in and out as much as the gas station that is right around the corner. I honestly couldn’t even tell you who actually lives there and which kids belong to who.

I walked over towards the house when about 4 younger children (probably all under 5) ran over and apologized for not watching him and told me to give him to them. I explained that I would not be just letting him go with them and that I needed to speak to the adult that was home.

You see, my house in on one of the busiest roads in town. It runs from one end of town to another and I also live very close to a gas station, a high school, and a liquor store. So there are always cars and right now motorcycles flying up and down that road. I myself have been rear ended twice when trying to turn into my driveway from that road because people don’t pay attention. This child was feet away from that road.

One of the little kids ran inside and came back out and said, “She’s too tired”.

So I explained that I would not let him down without speaking to an adult and then I pulled out my phone and dialed 911.

The police showed up and handled it from there. I went to my house and immediately called the CPS hotline and made a report. The office called me later to get my information as she was filing a report too.

The house was atrocious, the children were all playing in the front yard unsupervised and with almost no clothes on, and this girl, was asleep, in the back of the house, and didn’t even want to come to the door when the police officer showed up…

It takes all I have in these kinds of moments not to be extremely angry, and especially bitter. As I take medications and spend thousands of dollars for just a chance at having a child of my own, other people are recklessly ignoring their blessings.

I said a little prayer last night for those children, and I prayed that this will be the wake up call she needs to keep her children safe. I again thanked God that my road has not been an easy one because it just makes me more appreciative for the gift of life and it also helped me do what was right for that child. Regardless of the fear I have for the backlash that could come when a house full of adults have to answer to the police and CPS.

It is not my right to ask God why He chose to give her children while I remain childless, so I just pray. Pray for safety for those children, pray for peace in my journey, and pray to heal the hearts of the broken that have come before me and the many that will come after.

Please save this number to your phone and visit this site if you need more information. You can also Google your state’s CPS Hotline and there is usually someone available 24/7 to take a report, and as always dial 911 if it is an emergency!
It could save a life.


3 thoughts on “Micoblog Monday – I Had to Call CPS

  1. I’m sorry you had to experience that. My heart goes out to those innocent children- I hope an adult steps up for them. It is so hard to see others abuse what you would do anything for. I just try to tell myself that no one else has ‘my’ miracle baby and you are so right that the gift of gratitude comes with this struggle. Xo


  2. How difficult to witness and experience. You did the right thing. I would be nervous about backlash as well, but seeing as how she wouldn’t come to the door, and then didn’t even want to come to the door for the police, it sounds as if she wouldn’t know who it was that called and made a report… So maybe there’s nothing to worry about in that regard.

    I also struggle when I see or hear about abuse and neglect. It is hard to accept that people who are capable of that are able to have children when we struggle so much for what we want. Hang in there!


  3. What a horrific situation, and how wonderful (although hard) that you knew just who to call and did what you could for the children who were left unsupervised, near a busy road, obviously not cared for. How awful to witness, and how awful for those children to live, probably not knowing that things could be different, better. It is hard to see or hear of situations like that and not wonder why the heck it is so easy for some to have babies and then neglect them while others fight and fight and have empty arms, but I have come to peace with the fact that there is ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTICE IN HOW BABIES ARE HANDED OUT IN THIS WORLD. None. And that it has no impact on my own family building efforts if someone else is grossly taking their own parenthood for granted or worse, even as frustrating and angering as that can be. Thank you for sharing the hotline number. Thank you for watching out for the children who apparently have no one to watch out for them. That little boy might have no idea that you may have saved his life. You are such a good person, putting your thoughts into actions like that. I hope that there is no backlash and that conditions improve one way or another for the children across the street.


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