What Im Listening to Wednesday ♫

I decided to try something new. I LOVE music. Not just the radio in the car either. I surround myself with music for the majority of my day. I have my phone plugged in while I’m in the car, I listen to it at work with head phones, and I have a wireless speaker at home so I can listen to it while I’m getting ready or in the shower. I also invested in a sound bar for the TV so while I’m cleaning the house or making dinner I will turn on the Apple TV and since I subscribe to iTunes match all my music is automatically on that and I can listen there too.

I also would like to think I have a pretty wide range of music taste. So, I have decided I want to start listing the songs I’m listening to on here. Not sure if I’ll do it once a week or once a month yet, my playlist changes enough I could probably do it once a week.

I have  link to my Top 5 YouTube Playlist. I understand not everyone might like some of this music but to each their own 🙂

Youtube Playlist
  • From the Cast of Empire – Good People
    I described why I like this so much in detail on my last blog.
  • Blake Shelton – Came Here to ForgetI just adore Blake. I have listened to him since he
    first started and had that wonderful mullet. hehe!
  • Nick Jonas – CloseThis one will probably be cycled out soon.
    I liked it at first but it’s getting on my nerves a bit.
  • A$AP Rocky – L$DI love the beat to this one.
    This one may not be for everyone but I enjoy it’s dirtiness.
  • Rihanna – Kiss it Better ***EXPLICIT VIDEO***Sexy song! Need something for that “bedroom playlist”? This is it.