We are Here.

I can hardly believe I am writing this blog…

Today, we start our donor egg journey. For real. Our donor has been approved. Medications have been ordered and today we will sign our names on the dotted line to begin what will be our last attempt at having our own children.

It’s incredibly scary, emotional, and exciting. We are putting our faith in God that he will guide us as we go down this path and hope that it brings us this dream that we have had for so long.

I want to remain positive and believe that this will work, but I have to say, if it doesn’t; we will be ok. We know that God wants us to be parents, and we hope that this is how it will happen, but if not, it is just another thing that will teach us strength and perseverance.

8 years of infertility. 2 miscarriages. 1 Chromosome Translocation Diagnosis. It hasn’t been easy, but here we are. Thank you for those that are here to support me along the way. I am blessed beyond words…


8 thoughts on “We are Here.

  1. So much good luck to you! You commented on a post of mine a few weeks ago, and I’ve finally gone through and read your blog up through now. A couple posts ago, when you said you thought you had found “the donor”, I was reading it and just thinking “yup, this is the one”. I’m so happy everything worked out with her and you’re starting. Can’t wait to hear how everything goes!


  2. Oh! So very exciting! I am thinking of you as you move from mock cycles to real, to have things unfold in what I hope is the most beautiful way possible. So much love to you at this time of anticipation!


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