So Much Can Happen…

Well if you follow me on Instagram you will know that Friday marked 1 more month of blood thinners! WOOHOO! Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for that little pill because it basically saved my life, but I am done with it. I have been wanting to get my sleeve finished but can’t because, well blood thinners, I thought about getting a random piercing and I can’t because, yep, blood thinners. Most importantly, I have wanted to do another FET, but unless I want to go off oral blood thinners and go on injection blood thinners, I have to wait. My husband and I talked about it and the injection blood thinners are not easy, for me I was going to be doing two shots, twice a day, and they are NOT fun. I would take a PIO injection twice a day before one injection of blood thinners.

Of course, with the excitement of…”Oh we could do another transfer soon”, I also worry. With the current issues with our niece’s bio dad fighting our guardianship of her, and my paternal grandmother being in the hospital and likely not making it out of the hospital, I worry that trying to do a transfer in the middle of all that is not very smart. I would hate to be under so much stress from the potential loss of my grandmother and court date for my niece that we would waste two more embryos…

She meets with the Guardian Ad Litem today, and after that I believe he is going to write his report regarding what he believes is her best interest and send it to the court. The court would then have to review it and set a court date which our attorney told us could be 30-45 days from that time. So potentially we are looking at another 2 months before court…so do I really want to hold off on a transfer for that long? If we transfer in December I could be “safely” pregnant by the time we go to court.

Also, my grandmother. So apparently she hasn’t been taking her medications for congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So she is very sick. Her CO2 levels are critical and she is getting worse every day. She has good days and bad and honestly I have no idea what the time frame on this could be. She has already signed a living will to not be on life support or anything of that capacity so that isn’t an option. Part of me wishes we could transfer now, so that maybe we could tell her we were pregnant before she passes. She wanted us to have a baby so bad and the thought of her missing out on that is heart breaking…

As always, positive thoughts and prayers are always welcome. ❤ Thank you to everyone for the continued love and support. #MM


4 thoughts on “So Much Can Happen…

  1. Oh, so much going on. I hope the court works out well, and that you can go off blood thinners soon. I hated the lovenox shots, so sting-y and bruise-y and I only had to do them once a day. It’s good to prevent the horrible health issue, but frustrating to create another delay. It’s good that you’re thinking of all the factors at play. I’m so sorry about your grandma. I know it was so sad to me to have my own pass without ever having me be sustainably pregnant, without her knowing I’d be a mom. It’s hard when these things have these extra layers of sadness. Wishing for a peaceful November for you despite all the chaos, and that you can do your FET as soon as you feel ready.


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