What Keeps Me Going

Point blank. My life has been a shit show lately. I am still bleeding which is pure torture. As much as I hated the mental pain that came with the D&C, I do have to say it gave me some instant closure that I have not had with all of this bleeding. I am home from the hospital and back to work which has really helped my spirits as far as feeling somewhat normal. I got the boot off from my broken leg so I’m just walking with a slight limp now.

I really have been running through the gamut of emotions but I did get the pictures from my 30th birthday that my aunt took.

This my friends. This is what keeps me going. This is the first picture I’ve ever had of ALL of my nieces and nephews together. My heart can’t possible feel fuller than it does when I look at this picture. I am so thankful for these kids and all of their parents that have allowed me to be such a big part of their life.

Be still my heart…

My World.jpg


5 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Going

  1. Beautiful picture. How lovely to find the joy, the moments of happiness in this shit show you’re experiencing. I hope you get a break in the clouds soon, and a lot more happy moments.


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