I don’t think there is anything harder than watching your husbands grief on the local news. When they reached out to us he was adamant that he be the one to speak to them and that he get a chance to brag about his sister. 

My Husband’s interview
Today we will say good-bye. Then we will have to move forward and hope that time will make it a little easier. 

I promised her I would look after her baby if she ever had to leave her behind on Earth, and I told my husband that I know she is watching after mine in Heaven. 

Please say a prayer for our family.


6 thoughts on “Grieving.

  1. My heart is just broken for all of you. I can’t watch the interview because I’ll just cry, but I’m sure he said beautiful things. Give that little girl an extra hug.


  2. I am so so sorry for this loss, and all the ways it reverberates through your family. I am thinking of you as you grieve and as you honor the memory of a beautiful life taken way too soon.


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