When You Know

I kept saying that when the right donor came along, I would know. Without reserve, without hesitation, I would just know.

I got an email Monday afternoon from the nurse (seriously, best decision ever to start emailing her) and what I thought was an email about our first potential donor, was an email about a new one. I quickly read through the details and then just like that, I knew. The email was brief but somehow, I just knew this was the one. I forwarded it to my husband and then called him and had him read the email on the phone with me. He thought she sounded much more in line with what we have been looking for.

The nurse called me today and I choked back the tears as she told me more. Not only will I not have to compromise some of the physical attributes that I really wanted, but the nurse said she was so kind, and personable, and intelligent.

She had her ultrasound and her follicle count was great and no cyst (since I found out the other donor did have a cyst). She has been instructed to call the nurse as soon as she starts her cycle to start BCP. It will take some time to get her blood work back but somehow I just know that it will all be ok, and we are just one step closer to finally starting this process, for real. It’s all finally seeming real…



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