Microblog Monday – Waiting


Is there a name for this season we are in? The season where the temperatures are tempting us every few days by hitting the high 60’s. The season where I have to wear layers because depending on the day, time, and location I am either burning up or freezing (especially at my desk).

The season of waiting.

Waiting for the grass to turn green, waiting for the flowers to bloom, waiting for some other woman to give me her eggs….haha!

Donor Egg Non-Update: I finally heard back from the nurse a couple of days after I left a message (which is out of the norm since she usually returns all calls and sometimes even driving home as late as 7:00 p.m.) I got a voicemail and she basically said she has a lot of “packets” out to potential donors and she is just waiting to hear back. She promised to keep me in the loop as paperwork started coming in. I trust her and I know she will but it’s hard not to call and bug her at least once a week to see if she has any updates. So I’m still waiting…


5 thoughts on “Microblog Monday – Waiting

  1. Yes. Waiting is my least favorite thing ever. My biggest stressor ever.
    There is a part in Dr. Seuss's “Oh the Places You'll Go” that I love that talks about waiting. How everyone ends up in the waiting place at one point or another. And how you aren't alone waiting even though it feels like you are. Also, that waiting is only temporary. It is a great reminder!


  2. I love that book. I used to read it to our foster child who had a lot of anxiety in times of “waiting”. He was only 6 but if he started feeling like things were progressing with his bio-mom or his counseling he would get very anxious. He taught me a lot for sure. I should probably read the book to myself as a reminder 🙂


  3. Oh, waiting. The hardest thing ever. Your meme cracked me right up… It was 60 on Sunday here in Rochester NY and then now it's icing and we have that winter storm coming Tuesday into Wednesday. I can only hope it brings a luscious snow day, otherwise LET THERE BE SPRING. And, LET THERE BE EGGS! 🙂 I hope that you get your call soon, and that one day soon when you call the nurse will be like, “I was just about to call you! We have a donor match!” Best of luck to you!


  4. Thank you! I hope your wait is going well too and you get the call soon! The Midwest has been up and down for weeks now. It looks like next week we might finally be warming up for good, then comes the rain. LOL!


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