Rambling Post – New Bed

Not much going on over here. Which is fine by me. I had a rough couple days after the HSG (the bleeding was horrible *sorry if TMI* and then I almost burned the house down Saturday night ((that’s another post for another day)) and have been coughing and miserable ever since from what I can only guess is smoke inhalation and/or a sinus infection) ANYWAYS!!!

We did get our new bed in! *eeeeekkkkk* I almost cried when we got it all setup! We have been wanting a King bed for some time now and DH insisted that since I would be hopefully going through IVF this year and may need some bed rest we should really invest in something a little better than our very old, bought slightly used mattress. So almost into my 30’s, I feel like I’m finally a little more of an adult now. Without further ado….

I am in love! It is so comfortable! I also invested in all new linens (comforter and sheets bought here) and new pillows (the shiny covers and pillows bought here) and it felt like we were sleeping at a 5 star hotel! I got the bed frame here if you are interested. While the shipping took two weeks it arrived in good shape and I’m happy with the quality of it (even more so than I was on the website)
It’s so nerve wracking buying a bed without seeing it but I’m happy with what we got. We got the mattress about a week ago and it’s been killing us not sleeping on it but it wasn’t going to fit on our old frame and we didn’t want to ruin it by putting it on the floor. So YAY! Sorry for the rambled post. Maybe I’ll have something productive to post soon. 🙂


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