Microblog Monday – How to Survive an HSG

So your doctor has scheduled you for a hysterosalpingogram (or HSG for short)? I could tell you what it is and how it’s done but like a true IF-er you have probably already Googled the SHIT out of it and know exactly what you’re in for. If not feel free to look *here*

I have had 2 of these tests. Yep 2! The first one in 2008 when we first started TTC. The second one recently as we are starting the donor egg process and because I have had 2 D&C’s and only have about 1 cycle a year on my own my RE wanted to make sure there was no scar tissue or blockage. He is thorough and it’s one of the many reasons I am thankful he is with us on this path to hopeful parenthood. These are just a few things that I have found helped get me through it.

1. Take a shower the night before. Shave, shampoo, exfoliate, the whole sha-bang. You’ll feel better the next day if you are totally clean and if you are a bit air headed like me you scheduled your appointment for 8:00 am and didn’t realize that meant you should be there at 7:45 which means getting up at 6:30 because getting ready and the 45 minute drive there…ugh. Trust me, you will want to shower the night before.
2. Have a nice dinner. See if your SO wants to go out, or order takeout and rent a movie. Make sure SO knows that you need lots of love and affection because *ouch* and it’s a test, and it’s stressful. Just try to relax and whatever you do, don’t Google. Don’t research. There are so many one off scenarios on the things they can find in HSG and it’s just not worth the stress. Seriously. Stop it.
3. Drink a glass of wine, or beer, or a fruity mixed drink, or just eat some chocolate and drink a glass of milk. Whatever floats your boat. I opted for cookies and milk. I’m not a drinker because *yuck* and it’s just never been my thing. This doesn’t really pertain to the test but do it anyways.

You deserve it!
4. Get a good nights sleep. Remember this test will go quickly. It is pretty much the only test with IF that you get instant results with, and you are probably getting to miss a little of work for this so *yawn* *stretch* just think happy thoughts, count some sheep, and close those little eyes.
5. When you get up the next morning, pick out the comfiest outfit possible. I went with total “basic white girl” style. I do recommend a sports bra and a tank top because they will let you leave that on when you have to take everything else on with the gown. I was glad I wore a tank under my hoodie since they made me take that off. The sunglasses are also important. You will probably want those when you leave the office and it’s bright and sunny outside (unless it’s raining) and you aren’t feeling the greatest. This can all be tailored to the weather and how you dress but just dress comfy, and don’t wear good underwear. Wear those AF Day 1 panties you hide in the back of your underwear drawer.
6. My doctor told me to take some Advil about 30 minutes before the test. I mentioned that I had something a little stronger that was prescribed to me recently for a foot injury and he said it was ok if I took that. (Fantastic idea) I had little to no pain and slept great when I got done. Just make sure to clear everything with your doctor.
<< 7. Stop and get a light breakfast. I chose Starbucks because (well basic) and they have awesome banana nut bread. You don’t want to eat too much but you do want to eat enough that you aren’t nauseous. (This was a tip from my nurse that I greatly appreciated later)
8. Don’t take the medication you have until you get there. Your doctor will undoubtedly be running behind and we all know that RE’s work is uncertain and sometimes comes with longer appointments and could leave you waiting for a little while, which brings me to my next point…
9. Make sure your phone is fully charged or you have something to read. You might wait for a while and it’s best to keep your mind off of it. (PS: Because I had taken some good medication, I decided to YouTube videos of cute puppies or animals sneezing, and my giggles and *awww* probably filled the entire waiting room.) I was admittedly a little loopy at this point but it kept me in a good head space.
10. Get through the HSG. Remember it goes quick and you’ll have instant results. Remember that whatever happens you will get through this. That there is a plan and that hopefully your RE, your SO, your family and friends will be there with you through this journey. Go home, prop up your feet, take a nice nap, and some more medication (because that cramping will creep up on you). Don’t be afraid to milk it a little and get some extra pampering out of it, just don’t over do it. Hopefully this is just the beginning for you and you are well on your way to a successful pregnancy.

**Disclaimer**This message was not approved by a licensed doctor, the FDA, NASA, or the White House. These are my opinions only and things that I felt helped me through both of my tests. Please consult your doctor for any real medical questions or concerns. Thank you for reading! 🙂


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