HSG #2

I have not really been in the blogging mood. Monday I got a comment on one of my blogs about spelling. It was a SUPER old blog post and I just had never noticed the glaring spelling error in this one specific post. The person that commented wasn’t necessarily “nasty” about what they said, idk, I’m just on hormones and it’s probably more me but I just felt like they could have been nicer about it…oh well…

On another note. I had my HSG yesterday. *ouchies* I actually thought about how to write a funny post on how to survive an HSG now that I’ve done two now. Maybe I’ll work on that today. If I do, I’ll link it here.

Everything looked great. He said my uterus showed no signs of scar tissue and even my tubes were nice and open. I mumbled *useless bastards* under my breath and the doctor giggled a little.

The tech I had was amazing, and my doctor seemed to be in a great mood. We laughed because the tech was trying to be super conscience about covering me up until he got in the room and I finally just told her that he has pretty much seen more of me than I have and I’m not too worried if he catches a glimpse of my butt from the gown being open. (I know, I’m a mess) haha!

Then we went up to his office and talked to the nurse who said she has one donor she just sent paperwork to earlier in the week, and actually another donor called while we were in the office and she lived locally so she was going to try and get back with her soon and see if she could stop in instead of mailing her paperwork. She said if they are as “on it” as she is, she will get them approved within two weeks. They both sounded like fantastic donors so I will be praying hard one or both get approved.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “HSG #2

  1. Ohhh this all sounds promising! I laugh at any doctors or ultrasound techs or whatever that are trying to be careful with 'modesty' wraps and such. I live in a fairly small city, so I figure just about every doctor and med student is more likely to recognise me by looking below the waist than above. Meh.

    Exciting to hear of new potential donors! They only have some idea how much they can change someone's life!!


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