Microblog Monday – Weekend in Paris

**yawn**    **stretch** I am just simply not ready for it to be Monday. This week was a whirwind of crafting and food making for my best friend’s little girl’s first birthday party. It was thrown at her in-laws beautiful guest house and was pink and black Parisian themed. I’ll share more pictures once I upload them from my nicer camera.The party was beautiful and in true 1 year old fashion she cried when we put her fancy outfit on, dug into the pink cake her mom and I made, and then napped the entire second half of the party. It was nice that my best friend let me help in so many ways. I continue to be grateful for the children God has put in my life to help fill my empty arms.

My HSG is Thursday and although I’m actually thankful to have a day off work with hubs and go home and have an excuse to lay in bed the rest of the day, I am getting a bit nervous. It’s been a while since I had one and it’s obviously not the most comfortable test to have. Still no word on any matched donors…


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