Microblog Monday – He Stayed…


Nothing really new to report on the TTC journey. Just waiting. Saturday was finally CD1 from my week of BC (sidenote: I doubted my doctor for a minute because I didn’t think only one week of BC would trigger a decent cycle for my HSG….my uterus is currently reminding me not to doubt him….*ouch*) So I will call and schedule my HSG when the office opens tomorrow.

On another unrelated note. I have had two friends recently end what I thought were very stable relationships. I thought the only reason people ended relationships was because of infidelity. In my experience, serious relationships only end because someone cheated. In both of these scenarios there were other factors and it seems as though someone just, gave up.

I got to thinking about the speech I made at on of my best friend’s weddings this past year, and just how thankful I am that in all of our struggles my husband and I have never given up. It’s been harder than I care to admit, and there have been times I have almost walked away. The pain of infertility along with knowing it rests on me because of my chromosomes and bad ovaries made me wish he would just leave me to be with someone else that could give him a child. But, he stayed, and he has loved me through it all.

So I leave you with this:


5 thoughts on “Microblog Monday – He Stayed…

  1. We knew one couple who had been together for years and the husband just sat his wife down and told her it was done. He had been seeing a counselor for a year in secret. She was dumbfounded. Since we were all friends, we got tangled up in it and my husband was on the husband's side and the wife poured all her grief into me. We ended up having fights and it brought all this stuff up for both of us. Infertility does test a marriage and the key is to remain a team no matter what the outcome.


  2. Somehow my husband and I have made it through 'everything' (and more!). Sometimes I don't know if it is through never giving up or laziness, but we're here!

    Best of luck with the HSG!


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