When They Finally Call Back

Man, I do not miss this rollercoaster. It has been so long since I have been through the TTC process and apparently it doesn’t take long to remind you that it’s a fickle bitch.
I heard from the finance company and apparently one of the listed sources of income (invested stocks) that pay us monthly are not going to be considered. So they cancelled the listing. Supposedly the loan manager is reinstating with a new income listed and we should still get the same amount but I haven’t seen it come up yet in my account.
The nurse also called me today. Apparently the only dark haired donor they had on file, is 8 weeks pregnant. *sigh* of course she is… The nurse said to give her a week because she has feelers out with someone who is usually good at coming through for them with donors. She mentioned they might have another option but didn’t want to tell me until “we get to that point”. I hastily told her since she already told a woman two days off BC she would have to elaborate. She told me they are currently in the process of seeing about being certified or something through a donor egg bank. She isn’t sure on the status of that yet.
Ugh – my heart. I am trying to remain positive and instantly tried to do some research on my good friend Google about fresh vs. frozen and cost differences, etc. One of the only glaring things I saw is that instead of getting all the eggs from a cycle of a donor we would get a “lot” of eggs (6-8). Now while that is a little cheaper, in my opinion it isn’t cheaper enough to justify the difference of a “lot” vs. a good fresh donor cycle.
Any advice? I know I’ve read some blogs out there of people who have used both and I would really like some input.

3 thoughts on “When They Finally Call Back

  1. We are considering donor egg if my current, tenuous pregnancy doesn't work out. We have put thought into it and want to go with a lot of frozen eggs. I think a fresh cycle is risky- my history was 10R then 7R then 4R. I'm 31. On paper I would look great (successful pregnancy included) 10R would be a solid number (my clinic aims for 10-20). Then someone would have gotten 4 (3M, 0 fert). Knowing there are 6-8 mature eggs would be a weight lifted. Also, I am nervous about the syncing of cycles. I just think it is more easy to plan a frozen cycle.


  2. Yea I definitely thought of that. A guaranteed 6-8 eggs that I can use at any time my body is ready sounds perfect in theory. And we have no reason to believe “on paper” that I won't get pregnant pretty quickly. Our fist two came with only three rounds each of medication and my body did GREAT with the pregnancies. I just miscarried because of the chromosome issues and if we take that out of the equation the doctor thinks this will work “quickly”. We'll see. I'll wait it out and see what happens. They already found one donor from a communication they sent out so we are just going to wait until our HSG test is done and see what happens. My Dr. has great success using fresh and synching cycles so I think that's what he really wants to do.


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