A Cozy Fire

Yesterday was a great day.

I decided that because it was DH’s scheduled day off and it was cold and snowy and I had the time, I wanted the day off as well. We got his haircut, went to breakfast, ran to the gun range for him to test a gun he recently fixed for his father, had to take our dog Ruger to the vet, and ended our day with a warm fire and a couple of movies.

Some good news is that Ruger has only lost 2 pounds since his cancer diagnosis over a year ago. The tumor seems to just be there, not causing any issues thus far, and the mass in his ear that I thought was his cancer spreading is only a cyst that they believe will be fairly easy to remove. They gave him an allergy shot to see if it brings it down any, and we will see how he is in a week or so and decide when he goes in to have the cyst removed. I am a worrier and I just knew he had lost 20 pounds and his cancer was spreading and he was getting worse. I am happy to admit that I was wrong and the vet said he is doing well outside of his itchy allergy skin and the cyst in his ear. YAY! (If I haven’t mentioned it his cancer is inoperable and I just can’t imagine putting him through chemo or radiation so we have focused on quality of life and so far, so good 🙂 )

Our appointment is Monday and I continue to be scared anxious excited. (Ok all of them)

Today has been a good day. The girls in the office are chatty, everyone seems to be in a good mood, and overall it was a pretty relaxed day. Trying to stay busy and keep my mind occupied while we wait to see Dr. H and staff on Monday and hopefully start our long awaited journey.


One thought on “A Cozy Fire

  1. I'm so glad to hear that Ruger is still doing well! I'm glad too that you had a great day, it's nice when we can steal away this moments and remember that there's happiness in the little things. I love the idea of sitting by the fire! It's summer in Australia at the moment and disgustingly hot.

    Have a great time at your appointment on Monday, I just know you will receive some good news! Lots of hugs!


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