#Microblog Monday – Price on Happiness


Happy Monday Everyone!

1 week from today we go for our consult for Donor Eggs! I am a huge ball of nerves and anxiety but mostly excitement! I can’t believe we are this close to starting this journey we talked about so many years ago…

We did get the price list in. For some reason some people can be weird talking about this sort of thing but for me I feel like it’s a good thing to discuss. People need to know not only the pain and heartache that come with infertility, but they need to know the “relax” method doesn’t always work, and that sometimes, it takes everything you have. Financially, Mentally, Physically, etc. They need to know how much we are willing to sacrifice to become mothers. It’s important that other people understand what we have invested.

So here is a sample of our price list and what it includes…

Since I’ve not seen a lot of discussion about costs I’m not sure how this goes up against other clinics. I also know this is for the first round and I know additional costs are needed if the first fresh transfer doesn’t work. My RE does his donor program in house so I will have 1 fresh transfer and the rest frozen.


6 thoughts on “#Microblog Monday – Price on Happiness

  1. I also think it's good to talk about. People need to understand that IVF is never an easy or cheap option! It is costly in so many senses of the word. (I'm shuddering at the $18500 cost! I suppose that's a reminder that it has been over a decade since we did this.)


  2. I agree – people seem to get weird whenever the subject of money comes up, whatever the context. Kudos to you for sharing this information. Hope the week flies by for you, and your consult is amazing!


  3. It does for sure – and it is a huge limiting factor in IF in my opinion. There are so many women who just simply can't explore the options given to them simply because it costs too much money…


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