Let Them Be Little

Over Christmas I got the pleasure of seeing my oldest niece. She was born shortly after DH and I met and we spent a lot of time with her when she was a baby. She would come stay with us and I would get to do all the fun things you do with little girls. We would paint our nails, play with dolls, and she liked to try on all my shoes.

She is 10 now and not much has changed, except that she is totally boy crazy over some kid in her class and she has grown up far too fast and somehow without much warning.

She was upset because the boy (who she is calling her boyfriend *cringe*) hasn’t texted her over Christmas break. I also noticed that society has already began it’s grasp on her innocent and delicate mind and it breaks my heart.

Here she is, a 10 year old little girl, worried about a boy, and worrying about how much she is eating, and making sure she is getting her crunches in for the day because she “wants abs”.

My First Cellphone *lmao*


I hate that the world around us is pressuring these young girls to worry about their weight, and boys, and abs, and all these things that a 10 year old girl should not be worried about.

At the risk of sounding very old, when I was 10 we were focused on the next rain so we could jump in puddles, or what our mom’s were making for dinner, and if our “BFF” could come stay the night. We weren’t calling boys or texting (really showing my age here because we didn’t even have cell phones when I was that young).

I wish I could change the world for her and the nieces that follow. I don’t want her to worry about boys, I want her to have fun with her friends. I don’t want her to focus on her abs, I want her to focus on a degree and seeing the world. I’m ok with her being active, and focusing on her health, but I want it to be for the right reasons. I want her to know not to cry over a boy not calling, because her Uncle never made me wait for a phone call and has never made me cry *intentionally* and I wish she never had to feel less than beautiful….the way I see her…

I suppose some of it is life lesson and she will have to experience some tears and some insecurities, just as I did before she figures it all out, but boy do I sure wish I could take it all away for her.


2 thoughts on “Let Them Be Little

  1. It's heartwarming to see how much you love your niece! I agree, I remember being 15 and still thinking boys were jerks. Children are exposed to so much more these days. I know your niece will still have her moments of innocence and I hope she retains them for many more years to come. Plus she has an awesome aunt so she is already well on her way to achieving that!


  2. Thank you so much! My nieces and newphews are my world, and probably the only thing that has kept me sane through years of longing for my own child. Their mother's are wonderful wonderful people who let me be very involved and I am so grateful. I can't even talk about it without getting misty eyed *whew* I'm such a sap. lol! Thanks for the blog love! 🙂 Good luck and Baby Dust tomorrow lovie!


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