Microblog Monday – Conscience Procrastination


Christmas is THIS week! I have so much to do it’s sickening. The next few nights after work is going to be jam packed. Thankfully I get off work by 3:30 so it leaves me plenty of time to work on things in the evening. But since I decided to make most of the Christmas gifts this year instead of buy them…it’s a bit harder than just wrapping that I need to finish up…

On another note. I’ve been spending far too much time laying in bed at night looking at Restoration Hardware Baby, or Pinterest, or ETSY planning for a child I don’t even have yet. I haven’t allowed myself to do it in years. It’s a little funny to see how my design style has changed from my first Pins when we were TTC so many years ago. I definitely have a more “mature” style now. Or as my husband says…”expensive”. But whatever, he’s judgy. LOL! But look how cute!!!!

**ETA** These are just pictures of nurseries I would like to have IF I ever get pregnant. I am not pregnant nor am I any closer than I have been in the past. I’ve just been looking at these things for the first time in years and like to dream that maybe one day I can plan a nursery…


6 thoughts on “Microblog Monday – Conscience Procrastination

  1. The walls are already grey and have been since like 2008. It works well with just about any design I like so I think I'll keep it. Plus they can grow into the color without having to repaint.


  2. It's so weird because I haven't even had the urge for years…then all the sudden and kind of all at once I've gone a little nuts. Hoping it's a good sign of things to come 🙂


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