Welcome Home Devin

*This post was in my drafts and I realized I never posted it. We adopted our third and final fur-kid Devin in 2013*

About a month ago we decided that after two years of fostering dogs, that although we did not think we could keep having dogs come in and out of our home as our two dogs are getting older and is stresses them out more each time, but also because saying good-bye is just so hard…

So we contacted the local non-kill Humane Society and asked them, which one of your dogs REALLY needs a home. So on Thursday February 7th we went and met Devin. Devin has been at the shelter since June 2010 and was adopted once but unfortunately the family put him in situations they knew he wasn’t supposed to be in (he is aggressive with small dogs) and he was returned to the shelter. He met our two dogs and the shelter staff was very surprised at how well they all did. Devin is usually afraid of men but he barked at Nate a few times then climbed up on his lap. The shelter staff again, amazed.

On Saturday February 9th we picked him up and brought him home as a “foster” dog. We knew we would probably adopt him but because of his fear of men and sometimes issues with male dogs we didn’t want to fully commit yet.

Well today we adopted him. He is such a great dog and although he does need some training it mostly just comes down to him learning to trust us and the people around us (especially the men). He has grown so much in the past month and we can’t wait to see him grow and come out of his shell.

Welcome Home Devin!
His Valentine’s photo shoot from the Shelter

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