What I’ve Been Up To

Well as I said in my last post I have been on a journey to get healthier. Well as you can see below. I think it’s going pretty well. The left picture was taken on Easter Sunday. The right picture was taken on May 12th. April 23rd was my first official day of the healthier lifestyle. Today has been 4 weeks since then and I am officially down 2l pounds! And I feel great!! As you can see my face has been the first thing to show the weight loss. I am still working on that stubborn belly fat but I have noticed a big difference in places like my legs and arms. It feels great!! 
My favorite resources in this journey have been Tyson all natural chicken breast, fruits and veggies (obviously), my Magic Bullet (for smoothies, making all sorts of things), Ezekial bread (and products) (found in most health food stores), Stevia (all natural sweetener), Liter water bottles (as I drink about 3 liters a day), and a whole lot of people who support me in every way. People who have adjusted where we are eating, pulling out portions for me before they add things like butter and stuff I can’t have, and never making me feel weird for bringing my own food, or not eating as much as I used to. I am very lucky to be supported by so many amazing people. I know not everyone out there has the same support. And of course my hubby is #1 on that list. 


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