Does your job cover IVF?

So my company is selling…and I’m seriously looking at my options to find a job (location not an issue) that covers IVF. I have heard of a lot of people having IVF coverage but have never pursued that option because I had a stable job…but since that is changing I think I should go for it…now to find where I can go?! If you know of a place or know someone who does feel free to send the info my way…

While I plan on riding this buy out – I just want to have some options to look at…


7 thoughts on “Does your job cover IVF?

  1. So google Conceive magazine's list of companies that offer IF coverage. It's the most info I've found in one place. It's great b/c it tells you how much of, and what exactly, they cover, and they rank the companies for you. Should hopefully help 😉 I used to search jobs by the company name. It was great b/c it saved a ton of time. Good luck!!


  2. I know that there are 11 states that mandate coverage…I believe Illinois is one. I know Indiana is NOT…I also know that in NY is the New Hope Fertility clinic which offers clinical trials (all expenses paid, if you are selected…) they talk a lot about it on

    Good luck!


  3. I live in a state with a fertility mandate,MA, although if you work for a small company there is a loophole and one is not guaranteed coverage. Despite the fact that my husbands company is small we were covered and there is even some donor egg coverage too. Not that you need an option like that. Change is both scary and exciting, good luck!


  4. My husband works for a company out of IL. Although we don't live in that state, our insurance still has to follow that mandates that apply in that state regarding infertility. If your serious about moving for coverage, I'd seek out a job (with a large company) in one of the states that holds an infertility coverage mandate.


  5. Lavonne, good luck with your job search. I own a dance studio so we get insurance through my husband's job. He is a teacher. IVF isn't covered and it has a very limited infertility coverage 😦
    I hope that you can find IVF coverage so you could go that route!


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