Randomness {WW Coming Soon}

I usually don’t do these things – but the amazing Jill tagged me and well I just love her and her adorable little accent – so I’m doing this for her! Check her out – she has videos too and is such a doll. 🙂

There are five rules

1. Post these rules. 2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things about you. 3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.  4. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them

I chose this picture because it’s the most recent that I have of myself. Also stay tuned for my Wordless Wednesday (which I am going to move to Friday) because I am dying my hair this week – it’s going to be drastic – and I promise it’s worth staying tuned for. :)) YAY!

Eleven random things about me:
1. I hate people in my personal space. I don’t like unnecessary touching, and it drives me crazy when people act like I can’t hear them unless they are touching me in some way. Please don’t touch me unless it’s for a reason… 

2. My top two movies are Finding Nemo – and Sweeney Todd. Yes I’m aware of how different these two are. And it only begins to speak for my weirdness. 

3. I am technically an only child. But I have 6 siblings. 

4. I have a phobia of anything fluffy food wise. Cool whip, icing, too much mayo or cream cheese. I feel like I’m going to suffocate if I get a big glob of fluffy stuff in my mouth. (mind out of the gutter pervies) haha!

5. I am the product of just “one time” & the first time. You may have seen this in my about me. If not – tisk tisk. (hehe jk) Knowing this made me incredibly ill prepared for my battle with having children.

6. I have gone to the same nail guy for 3 years, I have even bought his new baby clothes, and keep updated on his life. And I secretly think his wife does not like me – but she talks Korean so I don’t know – she might just not understand me. 

7. I love to sing. I don’t know if I’m any good at it. People who are around me never tell me to stop, so that either means that I’m really awesome, but more likely they are awesome for listening anyways. 

8. When I was little my favorite movie was Little Mermaid, my grandma kept a special fork for me to brush my hair with. I will adore her for that forever. 

9.  My mom is my world. My biggest fear is losing her. 

10. I am terrified at the future for my younger siblings and children in my life because of how the world is. I worry that they will never find true love and be able to be in a stable marriage because it rarely exists anymore.  

11. I pray that my translocation was given to me from my mother. I am her only child so I will be the only one who suffers from it. If it is from my dad my sister and little brother have the potential to have issues. And I would rather carry the burden to myself. I also don’t think I want my own child anymore because of this. I don’t want to have to start an “IVF w/ PGD” fund as well as a college fund for my child.

And now for Jill’s questions: 

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
passionate, dorky, loving

2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Australia – P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to be exact 

3. What are your aspirations?
To be a active fun person, a dependable friend, and someone my family knows is there for them unconditionally. And obviously…a mother.

4. What is your opinion on tattoos?
I hate them. JK! I have a ton and I don’t know that I’ll ever be done getting them.

5. What make-up products do you use daily?
Foundation, Eye Makeup (primer, shadow, liner, mascara), Blush, Highlight Powder,  and a setting spray from MAC. For all I know it’s water but I don’t care, it makes it all feel better to me. 

6. Who is your celebrity crush?
Jason Aldean – the country singer – this is why

Yes this is my husband (left) and Jason Aldean (right) Creepy right?!
And yes when we were in Las Vegas my husband was actually approached by his manager because she couldn’t believe how much they looked a like. It didn’t get us far except for directions to the Grand Canyon from someone who knows him. Too bad there wasn’t a million dollar look alike contest right?

7. Shower or bath?
Shower. Or a bath after a shower. I’m not going to soak in my own filth. (I’m leaving Jill’s answer) Because I feel the EXACT same way!) 

8. Do you have a signature scent? 
Yes – Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs. Before that is was VS Heavenly. But I quit using that as soon as Lola came out and haven’t used anything else since. 

9. Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Jacob for me – Team Edward for Bella! haha!

10. Slightly morbid I know – but do you have a song you would like played at your funeral?
Waiting on a Woman – I think of all the people waiting for me every time I hear this song 

11. What is your favourite book ?
I love “So Close” by Tertia who I am now a friend with on facebook and I hope one day if I do donor eggs I can go to her facility in South Africa.

I would like to tag :

ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS!!! Seriously! If you do comment below and link your blog so I can go see what you had to say. And everyone else can read. :))

2 thoughts on “Randomness {WW Coming Soon}

  1. I love this! I kinda messed up though. You´re supposed to come up with 11 new questions lol but I totally skipped that rule. I love your answers. The personal space thing, I´m exactly the same way! And your grandma is the coolest.


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