The House that Built Me

It’s been such a hectic week. Work has been crazy with XML training for work, we are currently down 5 people and on a hiring freeze, and I had my annual review to right. I hate reviewing myself…yuck. Because you know all you want to say is “I was perfect, I am awesome, give me a raise.” But of course that is all entirely true and so I had to be professional and insightful. It’s exhausting being a grown up.

We had an adoption event for the rescue yesterday and I was actually called before I even got there that a family was waiting to see Parker our foster dog. We got there and it was a young family with three kids and a female dog. They all got along great and we set up a home visit for today.

Today we drove to the south side of what seemed like the U.S. to let Parker go to their home. Everyone was getting along great, he let the kids hug and cuddle on the couch, then went in the back yard and played with their dogs and had a huge smile on their face. It seemed as though we were going to be signing on the dotted line…until…the cat. He came inside and their cat was in the dining room in front of the door. He decided he wanted to see what cats taste like. The next 15 minutes seemed like an hour while we tried to see if he would calm down. He didn’t and it only seemed to escalate. SO we now know he can’t go to a home with cats. So back to our house he goes. Which we are ok with, he’s an awesome dog and an easy dog to foster. And we are hoping a family who we are close with might just keep falling in love with him and decide he has to live with them :)) (here is to hoping they see this – haha)

It’s been a pretty great day though considering. I am writing this blog from the house I grew up in. My ex step-dad and his wife live here and for years we were…estranged I guess you’d say…over the past few months we have mended the relationship and I feel more complete in my family than I have in a long time. He was my dad for almost 12 years. I lived with him and my mom and my two step-brothers and we were a family. Not being blood related never mattered. We were family. And I just feel like more complete of a person now that I have this part of my family back. I’m so happy to be sitting here listening to my older brother and husband bicker back and forth, my ex step-dad (for lack of a better word) helping cook dinner, and his wife and I talking about kids and home decor. It just feels right. And our lives are all better for being able to move on from the past.

It’s ok buddy – we still love you – and we don’t really care for cats either ❤

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