Who Rescued Who?

Well this post isn’t going to be the way I had planned it for months but it still deserves/needs to be written.

It is no secret that I have been going through a lot. I was in the middle of a total identity crisis when I realized that something I thought I was supposed to be my whole life (a mom) wasn’t going to be as easy as I had thought.  It was hard and there were moments so dark I didn’t know if I’d ever find my way out.

the light at the end of my very dark tunnel.
I was approached to help with a local Pit Bull rescue with a rescue “mission” they were doing. I had been trying to get involved in the organization for a month or two but hadn’t gotten to do much until this. So I gladly accepted. It just seemed like perfect timing/and placement in my life. For many reasons that I can’t really talk about.
The “mission” as I am now calling it, changed me. Forever. Things that I used to care about just don’t seem to matter anymore. I feel like I had finally found something that made me feel like my existence here on this Earth wasn’t a total waste. Sure there have been nieces, and friends who need me, and family, etc. But nothing that I could call my own.  
I will never forget those 6 months. That rescue mission saved my life. I was in such a deep depression there were days I didn’t know how much longer I could live with this pain in my heart, and no matter what I did, therapy, church, medication…none of it worked. One day sitting under a shade tree, with just a simple glance I knew that I’d never be the same.
I have now continued to work with this organization, helping in any way I can. While my sensitive nature makes it hard sometimes, and there are days I want to give up. I continue to remember how far I’ve come, and I can only imagine the ways my life will continue to be richer because of this organization. 
I finally see people on my facebook newsfeed who I can relate to. Posts that matter. People who are making a difference. And nothing can even come close to explaining how it warms my heart and soul to know that I am a part of it all.
I have met some amazing people. I don’t think I could ever really explain to them how amazing they are. I see how they handle things after years of the rescue work with dignity, and grace, and it takes my breath away. They are so strong.
I can’t thank the rescue enough for all they have done for me. Although I have been helping rescue, and foster, and care for those that need us, they have truly rescued me. And I owe them my life, for without this organization coming into my life when it did, I don’t know what life would be like right now. God sent me angels. And I will never forget it.

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