Spiritual Journey

First I would like to ask that you send your prayers to a fellow blogger Emily. She is pregnant with triplets after IVF and about 24 weeks and found out she is dialated to 2cm. She has been on bed rest and been closely monitored and please just send prayers that God will keep her babies in her womb until it is time and they will arrive healthy.

Now…what I wanted to write about. It seems as though the first 6 weeks or so of this year has been hazy and I feel like I’ve been in a cloud. I have some sort of clarity recently. I have been pouring myself into the Bible, learning God’s word, and educating myself through many resources. The church my husband and I go to has online sermons so even when we can’t make it I have been able to make time through the week to listen to them online. I also stumbled upon the “Real Marriage” series through a YouTube video.  Many of you might have seen it posted on facebook. Why I Hate Religion and Love Jesus.  As a Christian woman I did not watch this video the first time I saw it posted, but then I kept seeing it posted again and again, and from people that I believe to be good Christians. So I watched. It was so powerful it gave me goosebumps. And then I wanted to do research, see who this guy was and where he came from. And that led me to the “Real Marriage” series by Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

If you are having problems in your marriage, Christian or not. I believe you should listen to this series. There is only 4 posted so far but it is currently in progress so there is something new posted every week. My husband and I have been taking time to listen to them together and it has worked wonders in our lives.

I find it ironic, but not an accident, that my blog is titled “Blue Book Journey”, once that meant a spiral bound notebook where I wrote all my fertility treatments, and it still very much holds true. But last night, as I stared at the front  of my bible, tracing my finger along my name that my mother had stamped in the front for my high school graduation, I realized what color my Bible is…blue.


One thought on “Spiritual Journey

  1. wow. I've not seen that video (until right now)…that totally sums up how I feel about religion! I haven't gone to church in years – although I'm still close to many friends and family who DO go to church…and my Godfather – who is a minister in the church I grew up in – is on my facebook (and does not like a lot of stances I take on certain issues…) but anyways. It actually bugs me how many “christian” friends I have that think they are so much better than others because THEY go to church every sunday…then turn around and are smoking weed or doing whatever it is they do…
    That video was seriously awesome. Thank you for sharing!


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