I saw someone use “Sprinter” (Spring – Winter) as an album title today and it fit perfectly for Indiana weather right now. The sun is shining and we have had little to no snow all winter, there is green grass and dead grass, slush and flowers. It’s so weird….so anyways…

It was a very busy weekend in the Roberts’ household. Friday we went downtown to see some of the “Super Bowl Experience”, it was actually really awesome. I am very impressed with everything the city did for the Super Bowl and the weather has been perfect for the crowd and I think it was great for the city to have everything here. I’ll save most of my photos from this week for my WW since I never have a lot of pictures. haha!

Saturday I rescued a stray, and he is now adjusting to “couch life” as I like to call it and is going to be our new foster until he finds a forever home.

Meet Parker! Our new foster!

And Sunday of course was the Super Bowl. We spent the day with family and as a typical girl would do I just watched it for the commercials. I loved the M&M’s one, and David Beckham (what was he advertising again – haha), and because of my love for rescue animals I of course loved Weego from Bud Light.

I am looking forward to calling my infertility doctor and making an appointment once the hubby is back to work. He should be going back in the next few weeks and then we’ll try to make an appointment I think. Mainly to touch base, get our insurance stuff updated and start the process all over again of seeing what they will cover and what they won’t cover. From what I can tell they will cover up to 5K of infertility treatments per year. So a few injection cycles and some tests and I’ll have that taken care of *sigh*…

It is one of the most frustrating things in the world that money is the only thing standing in the way of us having children. And while I know that we could be billionaires and pay for treatments and nothing would be guaranteed, at least I wouldn’t have all these “what ifs”. But I guess maybe it’s a little less painful than the alternative, because what would happen if I had endless funds and did everything I could and it still never happened.

So as always, I end up right back at the same place. I try to just have Faith that God will give us a child. I try to remind myself that God does not give us any gifts that aren’t supposed to be un used. And God made my husband and I capable of making it through all this, and capable of being amazing parents, and one day we will be able to use those gifts to love a child. So we wait…


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