Hello February Sunshine!

How is it Thursday already!? I totally missed Wordless Wednesday and before I know it the weekend will be here. It’s been a very busy week. But we have gotten a lot accomplished. Including filing our taxes *cheers* Which means one step closer to finishing the house. (I PROMISE LOTS of pictures when we are done!)
I have been sorting through my life lately. Literally. Sorting through filing cabinets, old files on the computer, old emails, totes, etc. Just throwing things away. It’s amazing what it does for your soul to let things go. To get rid of the clutter.
My husband has a seasonal lay off every year. The first year it was two weeks, the second, two months, last year, 4 months! I was never prepared for how long it was. And obviously with unemployment barely bringing in 1/3 of what he makes a week it is hard to do anything about budgeting and planning. When we were young and in the beginning stages of our relationship we were making considerably more than most people our age. We had both went full time in college to try and get out and get jobs ASAP and both got VERY lucky and fell into awesome jobs with great benefits, pay, etc. So we did what any young teenager would do. We pretty much signed up for every credit card under the sun that sent us a “your approved!” letter. Well then the economy took a dive, his lay offs got longer and longer. And before we knew it the debt was too much. Luckily he worked twice as much this year and we were able to finally pay a lot of stuff down. Well he got a call today that his lay off should be ending on the 20th! YAY! That is so much sooner than last year. So we are hoping we can continue to pay things off and get our finances back in order and actually have a savings account again! YAY!
So yea – everything is going really great. I feel like I do a whole lot of mindless rambling right now in my blogs because other than random house stuff and little things like Nate’s work, I don’t have much going on. But I’m totally content with that. I’m ready for the warm weather and to be able to fully enjoy the Mustang! Although Indiana winter has not been bad at all this year – it most certainly is not “topless” weather. (I have a convertible for those of you that don’t know and just went O.o ) lol
Thanks for stopping by! I promise I’ll have more exciting posts soon. Just enjoy the peace and quiet before we start finishing home renovations at tax time and a few other possible things on the horizon *coughttccough* 😉

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