Wordless Wednesday

Shameless Promotion Insert Here:

You all know this is my favorite band – they just released their new music video (yes I was at the taping – although you can’t see me because I was in the sound booth 🙂  And some pictures of their most recent show here in Indy. (PS: Yes I live where they are hosting the Super Bowl this year and NO I am not SO excited about it – parking is a B!tch right now!)

Sorry for the weird edits on the photos, I didn’t do it.
So for the wordless part (I’m not so great at that part)

The lead singer of Red Wanting Blue – Scotty

Greg – such a sweet man who always tells me 
how amazing and strong of a woman I am. 

My childhood best friend, myself, and a mutual friend (the photographer)
We always have so much fun dancing in the front row!
I teared up when I saw these two show up at the show
They have been traveling and on mission work and I never thought I’d get to see them that night
Such amazing friends with awesome hearts! And although Jeff is very passionate about his dancing which results in me almost needing a helmet – I actually missed dodging his elbows at the shows lately.
Live and Love...Out Loud
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