Well the past week or two has been very hectic, and rough. For starters my Grandma was hospitalized for an emergency surgery of sorts, a previous surgery caused a hernia that was blocking her intestines and causing her a lot of pain and a lot of problems. Luckily she is home now and although it will be a slow recovery she is doing very well.

In the middle of all this my mom’s best friend’s mom was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with Leukemia. They knew it would be a very rough road if she were to make it through the very aggressive chemo that they were going to have to do. After a few treatments unfortunately her body could not handle the chemo and fighting the cancer and she passed away Monday January 16th. They had a beautiful service for her Friday and I ask that you all keep the family in your prayers as they now live their lives without her.

Pam, her Grand Daughter Sara, and I at y Bridal shower – 
Pam did the alterations for my dress and all the bridesmaid dresses. 
She was such an amazing woman!

And then Sunday, such a bittersweet day…our foster puppy Tally, who we have had for 7 months went to her forever home. The house is quiet without her and although I am very happy that she found such an amazing family I am sad that she isn’t with us anymore.

Tally & I goofing off on the webcam
I’m going to miss her!!!

Tally and her new family 🙂

We are still very busy with the house and what started out as re-doing one room has turned into painting the whole house and organizing our whole life. It feels great and although it delays some really great Before/After photos to post on here I assure you they will be worth it!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye’s

  1. I'll keep her family in my thoughts. I'm glad Tally found a nice new home and I can't wait to see the before and after shots. Recorating/organizing is such a hassle but it's like working out. It's always worth it in the end.


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