Wordless Wednesday

I know it’s late in the night but hey – I work nights so this is like middle of the day for me. It’s been a rough day but I’m trying not to let it get me down. Other than some random things (none of which I can really control anyways) it’s been a good week. My Grandma had to go in for emergency surgery Sunday night and was actually in the ICU but she is doing great now and when I talked to her on the phone today she was happy and sounded sassy as always! 🙂

Yesterday I helped hubby start the painting in my room but had to leave to go to work, I told him I’d help him finish it the next day (the paint around all the trim and what not – and when I got home he had already done it all! He got all the paint around the trim done, and even got my desk built. We used an old door and some 2×4’s. Now it just needs painted, which I’m doing this weekend! I’ll definitely make sure to get some pictures and get them posted next week.

Ok and now ford the Worless part – haha!

Apparently tonight I was having some “identity crisis” issues with what I wanted to drink…all the sudden I reached down to get a drink and realized I had quite the selection at my desk. haha!

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