New Year

It’s been such a long time since I published anything, noticed I said published, I have come here and wrote numerous things but never end up posting them, it just sounds like mindless jiberish when I re-read it and I have been in the process of trying to sort out a lot in my life and writing it down helped me sort it out but I always came to the conclusion not to publish it because I didn’t want to seem like a babbling idiot.

We are now 10 days in to the New Year and it has not been a dull year yet. My husband and I have been spending more time together since he is on his seasonal lay off. Usually the lay off is stressful but because he worked twice as much this year than he usually does we are more prepared and he was ready and deserving of the break. We have enjoyed doing the normal stuff together like making dinner and being able to say good night to each other, which are things that because of different shifts we rarely get to enjoy….

We have been moving full steam ahead on modifications to the house. We have a three bedroom house and the bigger of the two spare rooms has sat empty for the majority of the almost 4 year we have lived here. To be honest it was my hope that when we did anything to that room it would be for a nursery. But I finally decided for now, the room is going to be my office/master closet/”dressing room” This was the room before.

As you can see from this picture the walls are a pale pink, and the trim is that dark 70’s style wood trim. So we have patched the holes (a previous cage incident from a dog that had separation anxiety lol), we have painted the trim and the windows white, and we took out the old one shelf/one bar closet and installed a white wire Closetmaid system. Now all we have to do it paint the walls. I picked a vintage grey color. Something neutral just in case we need the room in the future and don’t want to repaint the walls (i hate painting – lol) I can’t wait to post updated pictures. But I don’t want to post a whole lot of “during” photos because I’m a perfectionist really, haha, so I will definitely post after pictures once the room is put together 🙂
We have just been focused on us a lot more lately. Spending more time at home, more time to ourselves, and getting our lives and our house going in a direction that we control. We are living a healthier lifestyle and we have decided to start training for the Warrior Dash in August. It will take some hard work because I am not much of a “endurance” person but I’m really looking forward to my husband and I doing something like that together. 
I am still heavily involved in a local pit bull rescue and we are still fostering a dog here at our house. We have gotten attached and while we know it will be hard to let her go it has brought us a lot of satisfaction knowing that she is safe here until the right family comes along that can give her the life she deserves. And we look forward to being able to help more animals by leaving her spot “open” for more fosters as needed down the road.
Now for my “mindless rambling”…You know three years ago when we started realizing having children would not come as easy to us as we had hoped we thought our lives were exactly where they needed to be and we thought it was a perfect time to have children. Now while I’m not saying we wouldn’t be totally kick @ss parents back then, a lot of things have happened lately that makes me realize that by our journey taking a little longer than others, that we will only be better parents because of that. While our lives were great back then, they are better now, and I know they will only continue to get better. If we were to have kids now there would be things they would have now that they wouldn’t have necessarily had back then, there are people they will know now, that they would not have known then. We still don’t know when we will have kids (still haven’t found that crystal ball – dangit) as in we don’t really know when we want to start “trying” again or if we will, or if we won’t, we just know that when it happens (because we do believe we will be parents one day, we aren’t sure that I will have children, or that they will have my DNA, but we know we will have children) and we know when we do, that we will be prepared, and they will be surrounded by so much love and positive support. Unfortunately I don’t know that I will ever be able to stomach spending the kind of money that would be necessary to do IVF with PGD that would help eliminate our Chromosome issues, being able to be a “second parent” to so many wonderful children has made my husband and I assured in the fact that we can have a special bond with a child that does not have our DNA, or my DNA (since donor eggs is an actual cheaper option than IVF with PGD) We both have been raised to believe that while blood is thicker than water, LOVE is thicker than blood…
I thank you all for your continued support in our life journey. I hope that you all are happy and healthy and that you are making things happen in your life that bring you happiness. I promise now that I feel like I am doing less mindless rambling and more productive writing (not that this is necessarily productive for anyone else other than me) that I will be writing more updates in our life and posting more pictures and stories. I pray that you have everything you NEED.

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