I thought of you today…

Today is a very “sentimental” day for me. Three years ago today we experienced our first loss. Little did we know how that would change our whole life, and everything we thought we knew about it.

On Mother’s Day this past year my husband did something very special for me and I have felt more at peace ever since then. Today only reminds me of that. I slept in, woke up to the sound of wind hitting my house, all three dogs (my two and a foster puppy) curled up in bed. My husband has started working the day shift and I work the night shift so we don’t see each other much through the week. But it was a quiet peaceful day. And I feel nothing but peace, and I am very grateful for the person these experiences have made me.

Last night I tried to make hubby blueberry muffins for breakfast for the week. WELL I’m extremely ADD and got side tracked and forgot to set a timer and unfortunately the smell of something burning is what made me realize I had forgotten them. GRR. So I went to bed and left a note next to them and said “Sorry, I tried :(“

When I woke up this morning there was a note that said “Thanks so much babe” and a few of them were missing. I just hadn’t thrown them away because they were still hot when I went to bed. And he ate them anyway.

I love that man.


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