“You are Here”

I could say a lot of things right now, but I’m not going to say much at all. I feel like I’m in a huge storm and just trying to find my way out or wait for it to pass. There are days I feel like fighting and trying to find the end, and there are days I don’t feel like doing anything but standing in the middle of it all and letting the rain beat me to death. To death.

I feel like it’s me versus the world right now. Like instead of anyone trying to make it better they are only adding to my issues. 

No one even bothers asking how anything is going anymore. 

Things that we used to never be able to go a day without talking about aren’t even mentioned in our home anymore, and it seems as though we’ve just given up and are in the middle of trying to figure out what life looks like now that we have given that up.

Most days I question my very existence and everyone in it. I feel greatly insecure about every relationship I have with every single person right now.

God give me strength to let it pass. I have surrendered and it feels like giving up. I have surrendered and it feels like everything has gone to shit.

3 thoughts on “untitled

  1. Thinking of you this morning my friend. I have a quote in my kitchen that says…. ” life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain” Easier said than done, but a good reminder all the same 🙂


  2. I always saw surrendering as relinquishing and letting go (letting god, if you're religious), not giving up. Then again, isn't EVERYTHING about perspective.

    Sounds like shaky ground, hon, uncertain times. Love to you through it all


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