Vegas, Mustangs, and another random update

We have been back from Vegas for like…what…2 weeks. And I feel like I’m just now getting the hang of being back at work and back to a place where gambling and drinking at 10am is not acceptable (just kidding – we didn’t do that while we were there anyways – haha)

So instead of typing out a big thing about what I did I’ll just post fun pictures 🙂

Grand Canyon with the four women through thick and thin 
have always stayed together 🙂
Mom, Grandma, Me, Aunt, Cousin

I got to go to California and meet a few women from my infertility/loss group

Bellagio fountain – I could have sat and watched all day

I got to meet Holly Madison – but couldn’t take a picture with her 
because of PR reasons, so I got one of her car 🙂

It was so great getting to spend a week with the hubby. 
(no work – yay)
I missed quality time with him.
We rented this to go to the Grand Canyon…I fell in love…so…
I bought one when I got home 🙂
The Groom (new step-dad) /\ 
And the Bride (my beautiful mother) \/ 
oh how I love these two and their fun youthful spirits….haha
And the parents and all their kids/spouses ❤ Family Forever
Love from my family to yours. Thanks for stopping by!

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