Painting, Fo’s, and Vegas

Well I had a great extended weekend. Saturday we got tons done around the house. Don’t worry I’m taking lots of pictures. I can’t wait to show before/during/after photos of our spare room that I am turning into a master closet/dressing room. It’s a little bitter sweet that that room was once intended for a nursery but we are just making the best out of our situation, no need to let that room sit empty.

Sunday we went to yet another church and we are happy to say we FINALLY found one we think we are going to stay at. We have been in an “adventure” to say the least trying to find a church in our area now that we are trying to focus more on our faith. We have had some interesting experiences. One church we even left as soon as we could sneak out because we were pretty sure sacrificing was in order. haha! Maybe not really but it was just scary. This church is only about 10 minutes away. Very upbeat and positive (and well lit – which in the last church we felt like we were in a dungeon – the one with the sacrificing – haha) We are anxious to start our future in this church.

Sunday evening and Monday were just spent with family and getting a few more things done around the house. It’s been really nice working with Nate on getting things done. We always have a lot of fun. Even if I end up with more paint on my butt than the walls because he thinks it’s funny.

On the TTC front, well there is none. We are just looking forward to Vegas and we are continuing to work on our spiritual, financial, and health well being and eventually we may be up to TTC again. We just don’t have it in us right now. As badly as we want a child we just don’t feel like it’s our time yet and we are happy working on other aspects of our life.

I was reminded again today why I am no longer friends with a specific person. She is just incredibly insensitive. Let me point out before this story this is only ONE of the many reasons we aren’t friends anymore. As someone who I poured my heart out to on more than one occasion about my husband and I’s battles trying to have a child and someone who was sympathetic to me before and was there during both of my miscarriages. After she got pregnant she seemed to forget about all this, the first time we talked after she found out all she talked about was how miserable she was, and how “over it” she already was. The few times following even her mom piped in about how miserable she was and how big she had gotten, like it was a surprise that you got bigger when you were pregnant. It just baffled me. I don’t mind listening to certain things, but just the way she disregarded me even when I told her how I missed those things, just baffled me. A friend of mine who is still on her friends list sent me a link to her blog about her son being born. So I stopped by and left a nice comment congratulating her. There were quite a few comments before me and she always responded a simple thank you or something about how blessed she felt. After my comment she said thanks and then proceeded to say something about how she had never been more tired in her whole life. Seriously, right there for the world to see she has something negative to say only AFTER I commented. I just don’t get it. I usually keep my mouth shut but I finally just decided to respond with “Well I would rather be tired from a miracle like this than sleepless nights wondering when I’ll have a child of my own.” I don’t care if she deletes it or responds, I’m not going to look, I just want her to know that comments like that just aren’t appreciated. Just glad I am rid of her and I regret ever commenting on her blog.

*Random vent over*

We leave for Vegas in 20 days! I am so excited!


3 thoughts on “Painting, Fo’s, and Vegas

  1. I am so glad you commented back! You stood up for all of us!

    I had the most unpleasant experience in a dressing room the other day. This lady was trying on close and complaining to her mom how fat she was. Her mother responded with, “Unfortunately that's the worst part of being pregnant”. Seriously I can't even have peace in the dressing room!

    Is this your first time in Vegas? You're going to love it either way!


  2. Good for you Lavonne…too often we don't pipe up and say something. And Vegas…ooooh I LOVE Vegas! Have a GREAT time and leave some clothes for me to buy when I go back there someday soon!! LisainsK


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