It’s always amusing when I go to the doctor for whatever reason and he always wants to “check for pregnancy just in case.” I always giggle and mindlessly go pee in a cup (is anyone else REALLY bad at aiming – I’m horrible – haha) and go back into the room. Then he always looks at me so sad like when he says, “Well your not pregnant, so on to other tests.”

I gave up a long time hoping that one random doctors appointment he would come in and go “You’ll never believe it your pregnant.” And then some how get lucky enough to actually see something on an u/s once that happened. I’m ok with it. But bless his little heart for being so sad for me every time he makes me take a test.

Hubby even joked with the ER doctor when I went for my cyst and they wanted to test for pregnancy “just in case” that if I was pregnant he was going to have some explaining to do. haha! It’s one of the few comical things we’ve got going right now.

On another note the doctor is testing me for a LIST of stuff right now. He is almost positive I have celiac disease but the insurance won’t pay for the expensive celiac tests until he runs other tests. In the mean time he wants me to go gluten free, he said if it helps then he will just want me to be on a gluten free diet from here on out and he won’t have to do the test. He is almost positive that is what has been going on with my undiagnosed stomach problems for years now. Celiac disease for those of you who don’t know is a gluten intolerance, and can not only cause major stomach problems but also…you guessed it…infertility. So he said if my stomach problems clear up (and trust me I’ll know) that he won’t be surprised if I start getting somewhat normal cycles. If not, I’m ok with that too. We’ve always known I have hormonal problems and although they called it PCOS (although I never had cysts on my ovaries until the random one a few months ago) since celiac can cause hormonal imbalances as well I’ll be anxious to see if this could help that. Either way, I’m ok, and living gluten free if it even just helps my stomach is worth it for me. And it seems to be healthier with all the research I’ve done so far. And not one person can list a benefit for gluten, so bye bye gluten.

So that is it for today. Random news. I didn’t think this appointment would be much to post about because I assumed it would be blood work, samples of sorts, and an u/s if I was lucky, but apparently I was wrong.


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