My Birthday

I have so much to say and don’t know how to say it. First of all I had an amazing birthday. I had a great “pre-birthday weekend” with friends and family. Today because I had to work I had lunch with some family, then for dinner a friend and I went and got dinner at work. It was simple and that’s perfect for me. I did get some really nice things for my b-day. I got the new UD Palette from my mom, a new Fossil watch from my hubby, flowers from my best friend, a few dinners, drinks, cards, and more. But it’s definitely not about what I got, I got to spend a lot of time with people I love and that’s what matters. Sunday we are having a huge cookout at our house for mine and hubby’s birthdays so I can’t wait for that. It’s the third year we’ve done it and it’s always awesome having all of our family in one place. Also awesome that they can all be in one place without any drama.

I heard the most profound thing the other day on the radio. It was a sermon on the radio on Sunday morning, we usually don’t listen to that stuff but for some reason we did. And the preacher was talking about how you can’t have Faith, and doubt at the same time. That God recognizes emotions and sympathizes with your tears, but he is only moved by Faith. And in tears there is Doubt. So you have to put all your emotions aside and just have Faith. And that will move God. It just made so much sense. I have been trying to have Faith, but always having my doubts. Always wanting a back up plan if Faith didn’t work, always making a plan b. But no more. I am dedicating this next year of my life to learning how to live my life with Faith, and not doubt. Believing that God will handle it. That I don’t need to.

It’s been one amazing birthday! And I am looking forward to what the next year of my life holds in store.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Faith . . . I know that's where I need to be too but also know I'm far from it when I break down in tears and see a BFN. I feel like it's getting worse month after month instead of getting easier.

    I know have true faith in God and not questioning is the only thing that's missing.

    Trying to get there right along with you 🙂


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