These past few weeks have been a whirlwind and a total blur. So much has been going on, but it seems to be winding down and I am VERY thankful for that.

The insurance called and my car is totaled. So I am waiting on them to call me back about the settlement and then I’ll pay off my car loan. For now I have a rental until we get all that settled. It’s a pretty nice little car. It’s bright red, Toyota Camry. This little car can “get it” and has awesome gas mileage.

I wish I could just keep this for a while and have the insurance pay for it. haha! No such luck though. But on the bright side this has freed up part of our debt. This will save us over $300 a month. AND my Dad is talking about buying our truck because Nate needs a car now that he commutes two hours a day for work. So that will save us another 400+ a month. 🙂 So we are on a strict budget to try and get the rest of the debt paid off with the money we have saved and start setting ourselves up better for our future. (This includes getting our credit and debt in a better place to eventually look at loans for IVF) So although I’m sad I wrecked my car it was definitely a blessing in disguise. My mother in law is going to let me borrow her extra vehicle for a while so I can save up a little to just get a cheapie car to get me through till next year hopefully. 
A week from today is my 25th birthday. I’m pretty neutral about it really. I’m not really excited because there is always infertility knocking on my door reminding me I’m not getting any younger. But I’m also blessed to have made it another year and thankful for my life.
I’m feeling much better and much more positive this week. It’s sad to say that I have really figured out who my true friends are in the past month or so. Through my bad days I was surprised at who was there and who wasn’t. And I think the people in my life right this second, deserve to be there. And I am thankful for them all.
I hope everyone has an awesome week!!! As always – thanks for reading!


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