…exhale (WW)

Today is a new day and the faults of the previous cannot be altered so I will not be tied down by the blunders of the past, I will live today just for today. One day at a time…

Today has not sucked like the previous days have. Read here or here if you wanna read my bitchy rambling and all the crap that’s been going on in my life. Today was actually quite great. I picked up our foster puppy from the vet from being fixed and she was so happy to see us. She slept on my lap the whole ride home. She let out a huge exhale when we got in the car, I’m sure she was terrified she was back in a shelter again since that is where she spent her whole life before us.

Then I got home and my Ulta Member Rewards came in the mail. I got $45 off a perfume purchase and because I bought an expensive perfume I only paid the different, and because the difference was more than $30 I got a free “weekender bag” for a promotion they are having right now.

I have renewed a friendship that kinda went bad a few months ago and it feels amazing. This friendship is just “different” and we know now after some time apart that our lives just simply aren’t as fulfilled without one another in it.

Today has been a good day. I’m still waiting to hear back if my car is totaled but either way it will be fixed or I will get a new car. So it doesn’t really matter either way.

So now for my not so wordless Wednesday. The part with no words :))

New Perfume :))

(new hair color?)

I got the black and white one – I’m super weird about matching so I didn’t want to risk not being able to match my outfit to my bag when I go to Vegas in a little over a month :))

Happy Wordless Wednesday!!! As I finally take a deep exhale myself and am confident only better days are ahead now.


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