The Unbroken

As we approach 4 years of infertility and more treatments and money spent than I care to say out loud with nothing to show for it, I am surprisingly grateful for every single moment of it. We have been through hell but in the process we have found ourselves, God, and true undeniable, unbreakable….LOVE ♥ One day we will be the best parents to any child God puts in our life…

I have been so incredibly busy with life that I have barely had time to do housework, let alone post a blog, and definitely not had time to really ready blogs or respond if I do (sorry). But we have really been putting our hearts and soul into our marriage, house, and volunteer work for a local pitbull rescue. I wish I could post pictures and talk about every single dog but I just can’t. And I wish I could explain why, but I can’t do that either….One day, I’ll tell the story of these creatures that have touched my soul and showed me what it feels like to really live again.

We are in the process of also starting a foster program with the dogs. We would only take one at a time and it would have to be kinda young because our two older dogs are pretty particular but we think it would be a great way of utilizing all the unused space in our house and hearts. These dogs just have so much to offer and they deserve someone to show them what unconditional love is.

Life is a constant learning curve and I try my hardest to keep up. I’m not perfect and I sure do make mistakes but thank God for the people who stand beside me no matter what. I would be nothing without them. And of course number 1 on that list is my husband. He is just so amazing. I can’t even put into words how much joy that man brings into my life.

I am over flowing with happiness and joy right now. One day at a time I’m finding a purpose in life and a reason to live it to the very fullest. It feels so good to be at this place. I wish the same for all of you. May the sadness in your souls be replaced with Hope, and may the heartache be replaced with Love ❤

May you remain “Tough” in the face of adversity and not be afraid to take risks.


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