Always an Aunt, Never a Mom

We’ve all heard the saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Well that saying definitely does not apply to me. I was only a bridesmaid once before I got married myself. And I have been in 3 weddings since that and am a bridesmaid at at least 3 weddings in the near future. So I am gladly both a bridesmaid and a bride.

But, one that applies to me much more, “Always an Aunt, Never a Mom.” I am “Aunt Lavonne” to more little ones than I can count. Between my actual nieces and all of our friends kids, Nate and I generally take the roll of Aunt and Uncle and we do it with pride.

With that comes being able to take kids with us to do fun things, going to the park, the zoo, etc. We also get to plan things that involve kids with our friends or nieces that we might miss out on because we don’t have children. We have been very blessed to be a very big part of so many children’s lives. We get to be at birthday parties, watch them open presents at Christmas, and sometimes even wake up to giggly little children in the morning when they sleep over.

With that being said, we miss out on a lot too. We haven’t witnessed first steps, or been there to take pictures on the first day of school. We haven’t been the ones who get to announce that “It’s time,” and make our family wait in the waiting room for hours for our child’s arrival. We usually wake up on Christmas morning with no children running to see what Santa brought, or secretly slipping a dollar under a pillow when a tooth is lost.

While we love the fact that we can spoil the children and can hype them up on sugar and send them home. Most of the time we get to deal with all good, no bad. Were not the ones staying home from work because our kid is puking everywhere, or staying up all night because the crying won’t stop. But as bizarre as it sounds, we wish we could have that too. So many times people tell us, “If you ever want to borrow our kid, you are more than welcome to.” That is such a blessing and such a stabbing pain in the heart at the same time. While we gladly accept any child and would keep them anytime we are asked, it hurts that it is only “borrowing” and that eventually that child will go home, and we will be without.

Of course, I gladly accept my role as an aunt. And while I wish I had a child of my own to hear “Mom” too, I appreciate that I do get to hear “Aunt.” Because that is definitely better than “Never an Aunt or a Mom.”


3 thoughts on “Always an Aunt, Never a Mom

  1. I can relate to this so so much. I took my nephew to King's Island over this past weekend. And we had a fabulous time with him. He was such a little angel, and enjoyed the whole day. At times I felt awkward. And then even a little crazy. When we rode the train to the waterpark, and man and his daughters sat beside us. I know they thought he was our child. And for a split second I thought “at least someone out there thinks I am a mom.” I love so much being an aunt. And so many times my SIL's see there kids as an inconvience, and all I can think is that I am so jealous of all of it.


  2. I hear ya on that one. We are “Aunt and Uncle” to several as well, but it's just not the same. And now, for reasons unknown, our time with our actual niece has lessened more and more. (Okay, I know the reason but it's out of my control.)

    I guess I'll just keep wishing…


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