Poor Hubby :(

Well the four day weekend was certainly a roller coaster ride. I’ll just go through it by each day…that will be easier.

Friday was amazing. It started off with cake testing for my mom’s wedding cake with my mom and grandma. Then we went to a couple different bridal stores looking for her dress. She found the perfect dress and it actually ended up being the very first one she tried on. It’s so beautiful and was definitely made for her! We ended the night with a nice dinner and painting our nails. I did mine for the fourth of July.

Base: Orly Lunar Eclipse
Stamp: Konad Plate M57 with Sally Hansen Quick Dry Pen in White
Heart: Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (OPI)

Hubby called me Friday night and asked me to call and try to get him in the Dr as soon as possible. He was having a lot of pain on his upper right side under his ribs. He has had this dull pain for a few months apparently but it just got worse Friday evening. So we went to the quick clinic at our Doctor’s office and they sent us straight to the ER for testing. After 4 hours, dealing with rude nurses and staff, and an ultrasound and no information, we were sent home. They basically gave him Tylenol and told him to see his family doctor if it didn’t get better.

For people that don’t know him you
know it has to be serious if he let
me take him to the hospital. I felt so
helpless and I wish I could take
his pain away…

Poor guy spent most of the rest of the day on the couch and still in pain. Since my sister was already at our house checking on our dogs for us since we were at the hospital she stayed and her boyfriend came over and the four of us ended up going to see Transformers in 3D. Awesome movie and we had such a great time. If we had ever tried to plan hanging out like that it would have never worked out, so I’m glad that our spur of the moment chance to have a little bit of fun worked out. And although Nate had some pain he was glad to get out of the house and try to enjoy himself.

Sunday we headed to his dad’s for an overnight stay with our doggies in tow. It was a beautiful ride, Nate seemed to be feeling a little better and our doggies loved the fresh air. Zeda is camera shy but Ruger doesn’t mind.

We spent most of the day just hanging out and relaxing. Two of our nieces came over and we got to play with sparklers and spend time with the family. It was a really nice day.

Monday Nate woke up in a lot of pain again. I spent most of the day trying to get him to take it easy and he spent most of the day ignoring me and working outside with his dad. It was a good day just relaxing and hanging out with family. Nate and I even tried teaching our niece Trinity how to ride a bike. I can’t help but get emotional when I think of how thankful I am that although we don’t have kids we don’t miss out on moments like a child’s first few moment riding free of training wheels. So unsure and so shaky, yet so confident and persistent. She did a great job and in no time will be riding her bike every where I’m sure. We grilled out for dinner then we met up with some friends and his dad and family and my mom for fireworks. They were some of the best at this location we’ve seen in years. Both dogs were there and although Zeda barked at some of them overall they laid down with us on the blanket and were really good.

It’s a small image but I’m glad his sister captured this 🙂

Today we went to the doctor again when we first woke up and had to deal with a very rude doctor (his regular family doctor is out on Tuesdays) and they scheduled him for an upper scope tomorrow (only after I called and raised hell that the doctor was in no rush and hadn’t even ordered the test yet when I called later to complain) Every single doctor is saying gall bladder and that he needs some other tests for that but this doctor said he thinks it’s an ulcer and he needs an upper scope done. So hopefully tomorrow that all goes well and we get some answers. I am so sick of him being in pain and I wish there was something I could do.

In other news I have been doing the 30 Day Shred and loving it. It’s only 25 mins or so and is helping get me in shape. I have also started a Facebook group for “Fitness Pals” and have a really great group of women in there that are sharing all of their struggles, advice, and tips.

Please keep my husband in your prayers that he gets some answers and relief soon. I hate seeing him in pain…


2 thoughts on “Poor Hubby :(

  1. If the Dr. put him on Nexium & that didn't help, chances are he's dealing with gall bladder. I went through that, I didn't have stones, it was severely diseased. No body wanted to take mine out since I didn't have stones! I was in constant pain. Finally the 4th Dr. I saw finally convinced everyone that that's what needed to be done. If it were an ulcer, the nexium would have given him some relief. I went through that. There is no worse pain on earth than gall bladder pain. (ask Jen, she can tell ya). Tell Nate I love him & he is in my prayers. Hopefully they will get it resolved quickly. Yeah, I agree, Nate going to the hospital he had to be feeling bad! Take care & keep me posted. Love ya both! Maxine


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