Nail Polish, Nieces and Polar Bears – Oh My!

Well I had a very busy weekend. But none the less it was good. I hate that I seemed on edge for most of it and maybe didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have.

Saturday I went to my grandma’s where my mom and my niece were meeting me there. We spent the day painting our fingers and toes and watching movies. It was nice.

We did “Zoo Nails” to prepare for our Zoo trip the next day! 
It was so much fun and they turned out great. 
She loved showing them off all day.

Then we went to my mom’s best friend’s house for her son’s high school open house. It was really nice because I haven’t seen her for years. Because of medical problems and other things we haven’t been able to really keep in contact with her.  But we all promised this weekend we would stay in closer touch and not let it be so long again.

This is my mom (left) and her (right) when they were in high school 🙂

The night ended with pizza and another movie with my hubby and oldest niece. It is always such a joy having her. She is so well behaved and always has a story to tell.
Sunday we got a bunch of the family together and went to the zoo. We had so much fun. The weather was awesome and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was just what I needed and I am so glad that so many people were able to come. We ended up having over 20 people in our group. 
Hubby Nate, Oldest niece Trinity, and youngest niece Hayleigh ❤

 There are a TON more picture but I will probably wait until “Wordless Wednesday” rolls around and post them then.

The night ended perfectly with a group dinner to pizza hut then on the way home hubby and I stopped and got some yummy ice cream at Good’s Candy Shop which is a locate favorite and the ice cream is yummmy!
I’m hoping I can fully get out of the funk this weekend when we are a little more relaxed. My mom and I are going wedding dress shopping on Friday (for her obviously) and we have fun plans with his dad and that side of the family for the fourth. I am slowly moving on from the things that have been dragging me down the past couple weeks and hopefully I’ll be back to feeling like myself again in no time. Thanks to everyone who has been there to support we through all of this. It means the world. 

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