Konad Nail Art (review)

Ok so since I don’t really have anything to blog about TTC wise I figured I’d blog about what else I’ve been up to. My new favorite hobby/addiction is makeup and anything cosmetic. I’ve been watching youtube tutorials from beauty guru’s on different products and makeup looks, I’ve been discovering stores for the first time like Ulta, Sephora, and MAC. I have truly opened up a whole new world for myself that I think every girl should have. Nothing makes me feel better like a new eye shadow or a new color of nail polish. I have decided to start doing product reviews, and things like that to introduce anyone else to the wonderful products I’m finding and using.

As all of you know I have been working on coverting our third bedroom into my master closet/office/getting ready room. I have just now started getting everything organized, got my closet organization system ordered (review and info later once installed) I can’t wait to get it all set up!

My most recent purchase and product I wanted to review today is the Konad Nail Art System. Now I know what your thinking and this is not like something on an infomercial that is supposed to be easy and costs like $300. If you check out the link you can buy the stamper and scraper for under $4. Now with that being said the Konad brand named image plates can be up to $6 a piece. BUT – there are other brands out there that you can buy up to 25 image plates for $20.

This is how the Konad system works.

It really is as easy as it looks. You just put polish on the image you want. Scrape off the excess, and then use the stamper to stamp the image off the plate and roll onto your nail. 
I purchased the Konad plate M57 and another plate I don’t remember or haven’t used yet. I just received it in the mail today and used it right away. 

I applied OPI DS Original (discontinued) as a base coat, and used OPI Black Onyx (you don’t have to use the Konad special nail polishes for stamping) for my stamp color. I think for my first try, it turned out really good. This seriously only took a couple minutes and was the easiest nail art I’ve ever done.
I am in the process of growing out my nails after years of damage with acrylic nails so don’t mind how gross they look. 
There are several tutorials out there for this system on Youtube. This one is one of my favorites. She explains it really well. If you have any questions let me know. The best place to purchase all of this is at amazon.com. The delivery was fast and I am very happy with this purchase!

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