I am amazed every single day how much I’ve grown through the past two years. The way I run my life and emotions, and don’t let it run me. I am proud that through everything I am no longer bitter. I am no longer angry. I am no longer imprisoned with my infertility and all the pain that came with it. I have been set free. And it feels amazing. It didn’t take a baby to cure me, I cured myself. Well with the help of God and other amazing people. But I didn’t have to get my way to be happy. I am happy because I have what I need. Not what I want. It’s an amazing feeling.

And when the time is right, I will be a mother. But until then. I am happy. And FREE!


4 thoughts on “FREE

  1. Lavonne, I love your post! It makes so much sense. I am so happy to see that you are in a good place. It will happen someday! The road just has more bumps in it for us BT carriers. You are right, we have to be happy. Like you, I have what I need and I am greatful for that.


  2. Ive been reading your blogs and I love them, they are so honest and beautiful! I wish you all the best and your day will come when you get to have all that you want aswell =)


  3. This just put a smile on my face.

    Going through what we are going through is the biggest lesson to learn in life I think. The lessons are endless, the emotions are many. In the end we can only hope to be the strongest versions of ourselves possible. 🙂


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