Black Eye

Why is it the day AFTER I see my counselor something always happens. Last time it was my trip to the ER and the cyst. Last night after I got home from therapy and work I got this…

This was last night after I got head butted in the eye by my dog when he got excited to see me and I bent down to “hug” him and he JUMPED into my face…he felt so bad as I sit there sobbing. (Does anyone else cry over something like this and then realize they are crying about everything all at once…ugh)
This was this morning after the black eye started setting in. You can’t see how swolen it is here but it’s hard to open my eye all the way :((
Then I fixed boneless skinless chicken breast to take myself a healthy dinner to work and when my roommates dog got on the counter and ate it ALL while I was in the bathroom I said F it and ended up eating Culver’s for dinner, not only a full meal but had to get ice cream on the way out and now feel like SHIT for ruining my good day of eating…Ugh!!!
I’m not having a good day. 

4 thoughts on “Black Eye

  1. a shiner!
    Yes to the crying at everything at once.

    Please don't beat yourself up about the eating today, you really can pick it up tomorrow. If you've been eating well for a while, you deserve a bit of 'bad' food (I'm not sure what Culvers is, but iceycream is always a winner on those slip days), I really not an expert on this but I never thought it made THAT much difference in the long run


  2. There are always better days…this doesn't even begin to rank with my bad days…haha! But the eye is STILL healing and I a busted blood vessel showed up too so I'm still recovering from that. But overall not too bad! :))


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