Ink & Metal

Now this is a post I can get into. I’ve seen a couple people post about their tattoos and piercings and I had to participate. If you want to see others you can go here or here!

As for my work the list is pretty extensive. It all started when I was probably about 6 or 7. My teacher had a talk with my mom one day after school that I had taken markers and written all over my arms with them. When my mom asked me why I told her because “Daddy has pictures on his arms – so I wanted some.”

Well my dad will tell you he knew that day when my mom drove me to work and he had to have our first “Do as I say, not as I do” conversations that it wouldn’t be long after I was 18 and maybe before that I would have tattoos. He was definitely right.

My first tattoo was a chinese symbol for “father.” I knew that my inspiration for my tattoos needed to be the first of what I knew would be many tattoos. I had it done with two of my very close friends from college, they both got their first tattoos that day also. I don’t have a picture of that one as it is in my lower middle back but the symbol looks like the one below on the left.

My next tattoo was done right after I met my husband. I had just lost two very close friends and wanted to do something to remember them. So my friend Ashley (who was dating one of my friends that had passed) and I went and got semi-matching tattoos. I got a heart with wings and she got a cross that matched the one her bf had on his arm with wings. Here is a picture of mine on the right. It’s on the outside of my right wrist.

My next one was my biggest and favorite by far. I got a sparrow on each foot. One has “Isaiah 57:1” in a ribbon and the other had “WB9DFD” in a ribbon. The bible verse says, The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.” I got it for my Grandpa. The WB9DFD is Ham Radio call letters. If you don’t know what Ham Radio is it’s not really important, it was just a big part of who my grandpa was and it’s something I’ll always remember him by. They were by far the most painful but the most worth it.

About a year later I got my next big one. It was after my first miscarriage. I had realized that I was like a zombie, walking around aimlessly, missing life. So my husband and I discussed getting matching tattoos. The song “In Color” by Jamey Johnson always meant a lot to us. It talks about black and white photos and how you should have seen it in color. It talks about a wedding in June with roses, which is just like our wedding. So we decided a rose with some of the lyrics. He got his on the inside of his left arm and I got mind on my left side.

My next was after my second miscarriage. I wanted to get something memorialize my angels. I wanted something small and simple. So I decided on a red and blue heart behind my left ear. It would have been their birthstone colors, December and July. 

***Edit to Add*** I completely forgot two of my tattoos! haha! I have two ambigrams. One on each forearm. I have Mother/Daughter on my right forearm, and Beautiful/Disaster on my left forearm.

Then my last tattoo (not last ever – just last one I’ve gotten – haha) was with my two sisters. We saw a commercial for the open heart jewelry and they said something about the open heart representing leaving your heart open to any kind of love. Because my two sisters and I aren’t your regular siblings we thought this would be perfect. My half sister is from my dad’s relationship after my mom, and my step-sister is my step-mom’s daughter from a previous marriage. We have all been exposed to divorce and broken and re-mended families and we know that Family is not always blood. And we know that blood doesn’t make love any more real. It was so awesome to go get a tattoo with my sisters, it’s a memory I will always hold near and dear to me…
As for piercings that is a whole other story. It would make this blog even longer if I told you the stories behind when and where I got all of them but I’ll try to give you the shortened version. I’ve had my first and second ear holes, my upper left ear, and my inner (tragus) on my left ear for a while. Random times random places. I now have my bottom holes gauged to a 2 gauge. I got my tongue pierced when I was like 15 right before it became “cliche” and actually got it done with my step-mom. I have my nose pierced and got that for the second time (took it out the first time because of work) when Nate told me he missed me having it. I got my monroe briefly (upper lip) but took it out almost as soon as I got it because I thought it looked kinda trashy on me. Some girls pull that one off. I wasn’t one of them. 
Just this past week I decided that I was finally got get piercings that I have wanted for a long time and surprise my husband. So this past Friday I went and got my nipples pierced. Although it hurt (not as bad as I thought it would) and they are sore now, I am SO glad I got them and hubby can’t wait for them to heal. :))
So that is my “Ink & Metal.” What is yours? Link your blog in my comments below if you write this post also…

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