My Wishes

Because of inflation I would guess that one would get much more than 3 wishes these days…so here are mine…

1) I would wish that my grandma could have her leg back. She lost it due to cancer 40 some years ago and although her spirit takes her so many places I would love to see her be capable of doing everything she wants to do.

2) I would wish all of my mom’s debt away. She gained most of this debt when her and I left the house and family we had known for many years and she supported us and put me through college. I would love to take that extra financial stress away so she could pursue the rest of her life without that burden. (although I know if she reads this she would tell me that it’s not a burden – I love my mom)

2b) I would wish my Dad’s financial troubles away as well. He has always been such a hard working man and I don’t think he ever gets what he deserves when it comes to rewards for all of his hard work.

3) I would wish that the ones in my life that deserve it most find happiness. Whether it be in a soul mate, a job, or just find something in their life that brings them true unbridled happiness.

4) I would wish to speak to my grandpa anytime I wanted, we lost him almost 12 years ago. I believe he’s in a better place so I don’t wish him here, but I wish I could talk to him, hear his voice, I miss his voice the most. I know he could help me with the things I’m struggling with…

4b) I would wish that anyone who has lost a loved one could talk to them, that they could hear their voice, know that everything is ok.

5) I would wish myself skinny….I mean…healthy…haha! Because come on – not every wish can be for the greater good. I’d love to look good in a bikini for the first time in my life! (yes I know I could do this with a diet and exercise but what fun is that!?)

6) I would wish that every child know what it’s like to have loving parents – and that every capable set of loving parent(s) would know what it’s like to have a child…

3 thoughts on “My Wishes

  1. 5 made me smile…. ya, diet and exercise, why didn't I think of that?? *rolling eyes* I'm still trying, although it's hit and miss, ate a bunch of ice cream tonight because I was feeling down, and I'm pretty sure that cancels out all the good food I ate earlier today.


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