Umm Password?

Well it’s been almost 5 days since my ER trip. The end of the week was so rough, Thursday I just hung out at home and slept most of the day on the couch thanks to my wonderful pain pills. My mom did come spend some time with me and took me to dinner that evening. Then she even helped me make dinner for Nate. It was nice since I usually don’t get to see him through the week. Then Friday I decided not to take a pain pill and try to drive myself to the doctor…HORRIBLE idea!!! I didn’t put into the calculation that my doctor would be poking and pushing on me…then he sent me for blood work and an “urgent” ultrasound. He said he was worried that my ovary wasn’t getting blood flow or that it would end up twisting. He said if the ultrasound showed any of that or showed that the cyst had not gotten smaller I would be in surgery that evening.

Luckily the cyst is slowly but surely getting smaller. So for not I am just taking anti-inflammatory and hoping for the best. I’ll have a follow up u/s in a couple of weeks and make sure it’s better. If I get any worse pain I’m supposed to go to the ER and make sure nothing has taken a turn for the worse.

So I’ve been kinda MIA and not really checking this much. I actually had to enter my password to log-in which I never have to do!

I’m probably gonna be hit and miss for a little while. I didn’t participate in the normal iheartfaces photo challenge but I’m sure I’ll be back by “Wordless Wednesday.”

Hope everyone is doing well out there in blogger land and sorry if I’ve missed anything major in the past 5 days. Well wishes to everyone!!!

PS: It was really nice to see 42 followers now when I logged on today. Thanks for all the support :))


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