Am I an Obama?

So I was having a funny conversation with a close “IF” friend of mine tonight Emerald aka Emmi. She keeps a vlog regularly about her struggle to get pregnant. We met on which is where I spend a lot of my time and have met a group of women that I am really close to and have been for about 3 years now.

So anyways – were talking on facebook tonight and we start talking about how her, one other girl we know, and I look a lot a like, and it’s pretty weird and what not considering we’ve never met and yet we could all 3 easily pass as sisters. Then the rest of the conversation went something like this…


ME: how tall are you?

HER: 5’2

ME: yea i think she is kinda short too – i’m pretty tall (talking about the other girl we look like)

HER: stfu!

ME: lol yea

HER: holy freaking crap

ME: i’m all legs – it’s ridiculous
and i love heals – so most days i’m about 6′ or 6’1 – haha

HER: oh goodness
you know who else is really tall
michelle obama. lol

ME: lmao
she has kids
that has to be a good sign 
i’ll take what i can get these days

HER: bahaha. me too!

IDK Why but this totally made my night. I guess it’s the little moments like these between “infertiles” and jokes that no one else would understand that make me grateful for this journey. I have met a lot of people I would not have met elsewhere.

My facebook status tonight was also something very funny trying to lighten the mood…and I knew my “IF” friends were the only ones that would get it…it said:

“I love to BD! I would BD every day if I could…Hmmm yea! That’s all! I love BD! ♥”

Let me tell you I got about a million texts/messages going “WTF are you talking about?!” It made me giggle…I’m kinda evil that way.

Ok done with this random/spacy/crazy post. XO Thanks again to all of you that gave me advice on my previous blog post. It’s always appreciated…I left a response comment so if you didn’t see it go check it out 🙂


5 thoughts on “Am I an Obama?

  1. LOL…I left FB 3.5 years ago. Just couldn't take all the pg announcements, etc. Anyway, yeah its soo funny that if the fertiles knew our language they would be shocked! Take care.


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